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Birmingham: BSaD opinion

Word association*
Ha Ha/Laughter (x3); Penalties (x2); Concrete; John Barnes' goal in the FA Cup Quarter Final; Tesco; Zulu

Previous encounters
Hmm, let me think....

The NOISIEST, most tense, most extreme, most exhilarating match EVER at St.Andrews in May 1999, the overnight queues outside the Vic that preceded it, Michel's goal and Furlong tripping over his feet, the Tony Daley show, Peschisobloodylido, Ken Charlery being so surprised at a decent cross (from Bruce Dyer) that he put it into the stand.

Last season
The Blues' injury problems exceeded even our own, to the extent that players were fielded continually out of position by necessity, particularly up front. Shame. Despite which one has to concede that they did well to make it as high as fifth... before Tricky Trev's ever so slightly bitter appraisal of Watford's performance at home to Man. United ("they just lack that little bit of quality") came back to haunt him big-style as the Blues caved in 4-0 to Barnsley at St.Andrews.

Next season
Interesting to note that Tricky Trev, having famously bemoaned the size of Watford's forward line a year ago, has spent in excess of 2million to bring the delicate and unimposing Geoff Horsfield to St.Andrews. The departure of the versatile Rowett will be a blow to City, but on the assumption that their injury crisis can't possibly be as bad this season it's hard to see them not making at least the play-offs. Which is annoying.

How to annoy a Birmingham fan
Like you need to be told. Just pretend to be deaf if they respond by mentioning last year's FA Cup encounter.

* A unique experiment, featuring instant reactions from BSaD pundits to the mention of the club's name.